Segmentia is getting closer to Tuska Metal Festival

Segmentia got enough votes and is proceeding in Tuska-torstai competition to the first qualifying round by appearing in Joensuu on 22.2!
During the evening there will be performing four different bands and two of those will continue to the next qualifying round.
The Royal Prize is getting to perform in the biggest metal festival in Finland, Tuska!

Segmentia would like to thank everyone who voted us. Every vote counted! Welcome you all to Joensuu to support Segmentia towards Tuska Metal Festival!

According to Tuska-Torstai website.
"You have cast a record number of votes in our history (32,418). The level of competition has been tightening year by year and there is no point in doing this anymore. The smallest difference in qualifying was three votes. More information in Tuska-Torstai website (Only in Finnish)

Vote for us! 😎🤘🏻 Direct link, just scroll a bit down to see SEGMENTIA and then press 👍

iVORY tOWER (Official video)

Produced by Jere Luokkamäki & Ville Hautaluoma
Mixed and Mastered by Ville Hautaluoma
Engineered and Recorded by Kimmo Perämäki & Jere Luokkamäki

Keyboards played by Jere Luokkamäki
Basses played by Teemu Rantanen
Lyrics checked by Geoff Bentz

Director of photography: Mikko Parkkonen

Special thanks to
Mikko Parkkonen
Jenna Kansanoja
Kaj Laukkanen

The first EP from Segmentia was released on 18.10.2019. Ep includes following tracks:


2. No Resistance

3. Silver Lining

4. Shanghai

5. Remedy

6. Dance

You can buy the Shanghai-EP on a CD format only from Finland, Levykauppa X

Pirinkatu 13
Seinäjoki, Finland

Band contact:
Booking contact:          
Phone: +358 44 5723993